Friday, July 30, 2010

I have a job interview on Thursday...will you give me a star and words of encouragement or advice?

Hey look up advice at yahoo jobs or other websites they have great tips for interviews. Remember to practice in front of the mirror. Dress nice and conservative! Relax you will do great!I have a job interview on Thursday...will you give me a star and words of encouragement or advice?
the Thursday is belongs to guru(he is the one of navagrah nayak%26amp; he is the aacharya of devakull) and also the day belongs

to lakshmidevi,so that you may win your interview and get a good,responcible, well respectable get success all your

service%26amp;in personel life also.I have a job interview on Thursday...will you give me a star and words of encouragement or advice?
The big websites (Monster, HotJobs, Careerbuilder) all have really good sections of interview prep.

The one thing I like to suggest is that you figure out what you are going to wear and try it all on first.

Also, review your resume and make sure you can pick good examples from each place you have worked.

Finally, do your best to be friendly and personable. Remember, interviewers are people too - they want good coworkers - and THEY have been on the other side of the desk too!

Best of luck! What the heck, I'll star you too ;-)
arrive 10 to 15 minutes early

donot eat or drink anything before the interview

greet the receptionist and smile alot

make sure your hands and nails are clean

shake nads with a strong and firm grip

dress one step above the people working there (ie if it is factory work dress in khakis and a polo/dress shirt w/o a tie)

do not sit until asked to take a seat

ask questions to make yourself look like you have researched the company and know something about the company (please do this!!)

donot ramble

make eye contact frequently

be honest

if possible ask for a tour (trust me they will love this!)

do not discuss salary until the offer for the job has been made. if it comes up in the interview say something like its negotiable. if the question is pushed then make sure you have done your homework and say something like ';will researching the position on question you found that people make somewhere between $$ and $$ and with my experience you were looking to make $$ to $$';. This way its open for negotiating and not pigeonholed.

thank the employer for their time


Good luck!
Good luck!!!!!
try not to do a spud in trainspotting (leasure is my pleasure)
what is the worst that can happen ? who knows if you dont get it you may have to find a job that is even better
If you have gaps in your employment history, they will most likely want to know why. The best explanation is to make something up about your family. Say, you had to visit your grandparents in Florida to help them, or you were going through a divorce, etc. People are more sympathetic towards that kind of stuff, instead of you just saying ';I've been looking for work for the past 6 months with no luck'; That would make you look bad.
Look calm and at your best. Make a list of interview questions. Be confident and look the interviewer in the eyes when talking. Speak clear even if you are not sure how to answer the question. Use firm handshake. Ask questions to show you are interested in the company.
no and super size my order please
Most employers want an enthusiastic, enegenic and friendly person who has skills or is coachable and is confident not cocky.Think of the answer to the question ';why should he/she hire you for this job?';

Work the answer in even if it isn't asked.

Get a good night sleep, dress a little better than normal, arrive early, relax and let your smile and enthusiasm overcome your concern about resume facts or questions. Good Luck
first thing to make sure is that you give your full attention and have eye contact at all times. Don't give them any sad stories many people think by giving a sad story they get sympathy and i interview about 5 people a week and trust me I get all kinds of stories. Well good luck just be yourself not something that your not.

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